Veni, Vidi, Amavi

As time went on, the friendship we made grew into our love and then into our marriage. Just like our love, photography comes natural to us. We know our life together is what God had planned.
                                                                      - David and Irene Castillo

We met almost two decades ago. Neither of us was looking for love. We were just two people with cameras looking for someone to talk to. It soon became apparent to the both of us that we had found a kindred spirit in each other.

the begining

Just like the way light exposes a photograph, allowing it to become more visible, love exposes the heart.

Expose The Heart



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Hi! We are David and Irene Castillo owners and photographers of Expose The Heart. We have known each other for over half our lives and have spent every moment of that time together creating. Whether it was creating photos, convincing our friends to play a part in the latest movie script we had wrote, or building arcade machines together. The point is we have history and tons of it. We have created a beautiful life together sharing in our own memories and capturing it in great detail. Along that path we decided that capturing memories of others was equally as amazing as capturing our own memories and thus Expose The Heart was born. To read a little more about who we are click on the photos below.

the dinamic duo

David + Irene

memory lane


Hello, we are David and Irene Castillo! We love music, old Volkswagens, photography, restoring old cameras, and life! We have been best buds since day one. We have had the best of times together chasing our dreams and doing what we love. When we are not out photographing people you can usually find us working on one or more of our creative projects. We are big believers of "out with new and in with the old." I didn't get it twisted I promise. Whether it is working on an old VW or developing film in our darkroom, we just approach life in a different way. We both love God and love photographing his people and his creation. Some of you come from near and some from far. Wherever you come from we are glad you are hear and hope that our paths cross soon.

david + Irene


 We’d like to introduce our newest and youngest little person on our team our daughter Luna. She is our little wild child and the sweetest and most caring spirit you’d ever meet. She is definitely a daughter of photographers as she loves the camera (for now anyways). She keeps us on our toes and has truly been our greatest creation. 



All that we have accomplished as individuals and as a couple would have never been possible if it were not for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He deserves all the Glory for everything. We are merely vessels for His love. We try to share His love with others through our photography. The moments we capture are moments he has ordained. The smile of a baby, the interaction of a parent and their child, and the union of man and wife, these are all gifts from Him. We feel extremely honored to document them for you and for Him. We will not preach to you, nor recite scripture. Rather, we will attempt to show you His love through our lives and our pictures. He has blessed us and continues to bless us.

our faith


The truth is when it comes to our photography style, our name says it all. We expose the heart of who you are. We are David and Irene Castillo, lifestyle photographers. We capture your life happening and add our own special touch to each image. This is different than your typical photojournalistic photographer who only documents events. We take photojournalism to a whole other level. Not only do we document events, our form of lifestyle photography captures the moments that fill your heart. Whether it is a wedding, engagement session, or family pictures, you will receive photos that will make you laugh, make you cry, and will keep the memories vivid for years to come.

our style


Just like the way light exposes a photograph, allowing it to become more visible, love exposes the heart. The heart is a tricky thing. Wear it on your sleeve, exposed to the world, and it can get hurt. Lock it away deep inside and it becomes cold and lifeless. We guard our hearts only allowing it to be seen when we are in the safety of our loved ones. It is moments like these that make the memories we carry all our lives. What we do is a simple yet delicate process. On the days your memories are made, we capture those moments using light to expose a photograph, allowing us to Expose the Heart. We are husband and wife, and partners in life. We are Expose the Heart.

Expose The Heart


Hi, I’m Irene. I’m the dimple wearing mama with the nothing to lose attitude. If you have passed me on the street I’ve probably said “hi”. People inspire me and because of this I tend to be a people watcher… which works out as a photographer because it makes it easy for me to see small details that most would overlook. I usually run on tangents when I speak because I am passionate about every conversation I have. I have been told I am a great listener. I truly do love a great story and making new friends. My husband and daughter are the best part of my day and make this journey through life one amazing and beautiful adventure. So nice to meet you.

Hi, I'm Irene


I am the mother to one sweet and free spirited little girl. She has shown me just what kind of sacrifice God made for us and sometimes it is so overwhelming to think about it brings me to tears. You can find the two of us (sometimes we lug dad around too) at Target on the regular, the Doseum, or the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. We love to be outdoors and try to spend as much of our free time feeling that sunshine and being surrounded by nature. 

I am Mother


I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, an auntie and a friend. Family is important to me and my mother is my rock. My husband tells me that I have a strength he hasn't seen in many people, and although I don't always see it in me, I know it comes from my Mami. My wedding day was an overwhelming day of love. Love for my husband, love for the Lord, and love for my mother for walking me down the aisle, because months before she couldn't walk at all. I knew it was a start of a new chapter of my life that will be a pleasure to walk through hand in hand with my partner in life.

I Am ...


Music runs through my veins and feeds my soul. Although I cannot sing I try very hard! Ask my poor husband who has to hear it daily. I play the drums but prefer not to. Instead I like to enjoy music by dancing to it. I will dance to a commercial if I'm diggin' the groove they are playing in the background. I make musical playlists for my life. I have tunes for cleaning, exercising, painting, drawing, and when I go on photo shoots I mentally apply music to the moments I am capturing. Nature makes me dance and who wouldn't want to, life is full of beautiful noise.

I Love Music


If you have read the other slides you probably know by now that I love nature! I love to garden and appreciate the beauty that was set before us to enjoy daily. I love the smell of dirt and grass, and even more so right before it rains. I think I suffer from allergies because I have probably snorted every flower I have passed by in my life! I don't discriminate, and any weed or wildflower that I have crossed paths with I show appreciation to. I like to take day trips to Castroville Park with my husband and lie on the ground and feel the grass and the soil under my palms and between my toes and just listen. Nature allows me to get down to the simplicity of life that I sometimes miss.



I have lived and interesting life. It has had many twists and turns, but all of the paths I have traveled down have brought me to where I am now. I have been a musician, recorded two albums in Nashville, been the front man for several bands, designed products for an infomercial, directed short films, been a web designer, and of course a photographer. I am not a slave to fashion, but I do love getting a new hat (especially a porkpie). In my free time I enjoy having little adventures with Irene, learning new things, watching a good movie, making little videos, fooling around on the computer, playing video games, and hanging out with close friends.



This is my Saddleback Leather briefcase. It is my Man Bag (or as Irene lovingly calls it, my Man Purse). It carries the things I use on a day to day basis, and from time to time it might even make it into a photo shoot. It is significant to me because it is the first thing I purchased after graduating college and entering the workforce. Every day I carry it I am reminded of where I have been and where I am going.

Man Bag


You know how people say that the day they got married was the best day of their life? Well, for me it really was! I cried like a baby as soon as I saw Irene coming down the aisle. It was a moment I will never forget. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing wife and an amazing life with her. I will forever praise Him for her love and friendship.



Music has been a huge part of my life. It runs in my blood. I have played everything from Jazz to Heavy Metal. There is no one type of music that I am partial to. Before I met Irene, I told myself, "I will marry melody" (lyrics from a song I like). The funny thing is, I did marry melody. God is my Conductor, I head up the rhythm section, and Irene is the melody that dances around in my head.



This is my latest obsession, my Lithium Cycles Super 73 S1 electric bicycle. I really can’t get enough of this bike. I love riding it downtown, at the Pearl, or down an out of the way trail. I also like that it helps reduce my carbon footprint by allowing me to go grocery shopping or even grab a coffee or some tacos all with zero emissions. If you are interested, check out my Super 73 review on Youtube.

Super 73

Rudy's BBQ for Mothers Day

Breakfast at Pancake Joe's

Guest at a Wedding

Gopro at the Pumpkin Patch

Feliz Modern

San Antonio Botanical Garden

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